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Application process
If you find a position that interests you, then we suggest that you review the rest of our website to get a feel for who we are, what we do, our working environment and what we look for.
Before you apply
Each position description lists the specific requirements for that position. You should only apply for a position if your qualifications and experiences match the requirements for the position. When you submit your resume, you will receive an automatic e-mail confirmation.
Due to the large volume of resumes that we handle, we are unable to respond to everyone personally, so you will only be contacted if you are being considered for a position. Every position is filled separately, and so you should apply for all the positions which you would like to be considered for.

After you apply
A recruiter will contact you if we wish to discuss your resume in more detail. This may result in a first interview with the recruiter discussing your experiences and interests at a high level.
At this stage, you will also have the opportunity to obtain additional information about the position and what it is like to work at Mancer Consulting. Our recruiter will contact you shortly afterwards to let you know the outcome of this stage in the recruiting process. If you are selected to participate in the next stage of the process, you may have face-to-face interviews with one or more of our executives who will discuss your skills and experiences in more detail.
In certain roles, you may be asked to complete a personal assessment exercise as part of the application process. This may consist of case studies, essays, presentations, etc. that enables you to demonstrate your suitability for the role. You may also be asked to send us certain documents such as academic transcripts and a copy of your passport beforehand.
From time-to-time we offer candidates the opportunity to get first-hand experience of working at Mancer Consulting. These range from one-day visits to participation in short projects. Our recruiter will advise you of the options available for the position you have applied for.
Available Openings
If you are not able to find any job opportunity that matches your profile, kindly send your resume via email to us at – careers@microintellects.com and one of our recruitment specialist will get in touch with you shortly.

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