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Talent Development

In today's hyper-competitive world, actively developing employees and providing career advancement opportunities to them is crucial for the growth and prosperity of any business because it will

  • Increase employee morale, broaden skills and employee engagement thereby increased performance
  • Develops credentials, builds confidence, motivate the employees to perform well thereby retention
  • Ensure that your workforce is prepared to meet the challenges of the future and thereby company's ability to attract quality candidates

The more capable and qualified the employees the better the performance of the company. When they are well trained, they can easily handle situations, please customers ensuring customer retention as well as resolve any glitches easily without much ado.
Employees like to learn new skills and meet challenges and they are more motivated when they feel there is great potential for personal growth. When the company shows interest in employee development, the employee naturally has a greater interest in the company's development too.

Consider the Price of (NOT) Training:

To quantify the results that training can produce. A person being paid 50,000 per year who is wasting just one hour per day is costing the organization 6,250 per year (excluding benefits, overhead, opportunity costs, etc.). If, for example, through effective training, that person can learn how to re-capture just one hour per day, that translates into a payback to the organization of 6,250 per year. If there is a group of 25 people involved in the same training and they all receive a similar benefit, the return to the organization is 156,250 per year. (And this does not include other benefits to the organization such as profitability, reduced turnover, improved morale, enhanced teamwork, better customer service, greater creativity, etc.) Over five years, the payback is 781,250.

ELTPs - Freshers Trainings

Microintellects offers learning programs to fresh recruits of the organization to hone their IT skills set. These programs are aimed at transforming engineers from diverse disciplines into software professionals. These programs are designed in consultation with the organization. Besides teaching various application tools and products, they emphasize on the underlying concepts. Microintellects understands the training processes and best practices of software development organizations and replicates them to conduct the learning programs.

Areas of Expertise:

Java/J2EE, .NET, Testing/QA, Mainframes, Oracle Technical/Functional, BI, SAP

Laterals - Project Based (Any Technology)

Microintellects specialize in assessing training needs, designing, developing, delivering, administering and even evaluating corporate training solutions. Blending technology with traditional methods, these customized IT training solutions will bolster the knowledge base in your organization. These courses are tailor-made and are useful for practicing IT professionals and experienced users.

Focus Areas:

  • CRM - Clarify, Siebel, Chordiant, Kana, PeopleSoft & Remedy
  • ERP - SAP, Oracle Applications, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards
  • Database Administration - Oracle, SQL Server, INGRES, Informix, Btrieve
  • OLAP/ ETL Tools - COGNOS, Informatica, Business Objects, Ascential DataStage, Datamining
  • PMP - Technical Architects/ Project Leaders/ Project Managers
  • IBM - AIX, Mainframes & AS/400
  • EAI - See Beyond (e-gate & ICAN), Mercator, TIBCO, MQ Series, MQSI, Web Methods, WBI MB
  • Content Management Tools - Documentum, RHYTHMYX, Filenet, Stellent
  • SCM - VSS, CVS, Subversion
  • Testing - Win runner, Load Runner, Silk Test, QTP, QC
  • Others - DBA, QA, J2EE, Microsoft & Oracle Products (Oracle 10g Apps server, 10g Portal, E-Business Suit), PMP, Vignette, Objectstar, Gentran, WMI, Biz Talk Server, Sharpoint portal server, Websphere Application and portal server, Weblogic Application, integration and portal server, Sunone UDS, Telelogic, Tuxedo, Hyperion Essbase, Plumtree portal, HP Open VMS, Citrix, Oracle, Toplink, VOIP, wince,Peregrine etc.

Trainer Services (PAN CANADA)

Microintellects provides trainers in various technologies from its pool of professional, trained & experienced faculties to deliver IT trainings with high quality standards to several IT Clients in India & Abroad and are always rated very highly by our clients.

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