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Staff Leasing

Micro Intellects Staff Leasing practice is suitable for organizations that need additional resources at any point of time. The temporary assignments can last a few days, weeks or months and generally cover up for vacations, maternity leave, sick leave and seasonal or peak loads.
Micro Intellects Staff Leasing team provides for the best choice of employees available on flexible terms of short, medium or long-term employment. It enables the clients to respond to short-term temporary or flexible talent needs with specific skill set requirements.

Advantages of temporary staffing :

  • One-stop staffing source
  • Ensures employees have the skills needed to succeed on the job, with tested and trained employees, client’s receive continuity of operations
  • Keeps daily employee interactions focused on performance rather than on payroll issues.
  • Flexibility of employment
  • Ease of recruitment and replacement
  • Short & Long-term cost advantages and cover (Reduce labor costs by adding staff when necessary to hit key deadlines vacations etc) /li>
  • Benefits of scale
  • The statutory complexities are also taken care of by the staffing company
  • There are no hassles associated with recruiting and retaining people.

Micro Intellects facilitate temporary staffing on contract from six months to more than one (1) year period.

What we can help you with?

Micro Intellects Staff leasing service spectrum caters to various functional activities broadly in the domain of Human resource practices, IT & technology, Accounting & finance, Office administration, technical support and back-end operations, Permanent & Temporary Staffing Solutions, sales & marketing, Payroll management.

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