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Finishing School

Getting a sound education and training for a future career is very important and should be part of the life plan of every single individual. this is because a sound education will enable an individual have a future career, become a professional in their chosen field and have a source of livelihood so they may take care of their needs as well as those of their family members.
With the changing software fundamentals, many companies hire people who match with the required expertise. If you want a lucrative IT career, you need keep yourself on your toe about the latest software technology and tools, keeping in mind that the opportunities will be available only to those who are certified.
If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place. Every one of us has the potential to achieve success like any other high achiever provided we are ready to work around a few things with zeal and commitment. What is required first is to face the right direction and question ourselves whether we are treading the right path and having a focus in life. At Micro Intellects, we transform raw individuals to project-ready professionals. It is our continued effort to place the appropriate talent at right place at perfect time.
Getting the right fresh graduate and making them productive from Day 1 has been one of the major challenges faced by all IT companies. With improving efficiency being the order of the day, every company aims to achieve more with less resources. Also due to cyclical business trends, companies are now looking to recruit just in time deployment ready professionals than recruiting employment ready candidates.
Lack of right technical & professional skills in fresh graduates has been IT industry's major concern for a long time. This has forced the industry to look into alternate avenues for supply gap. One such solution is Finishing School.
A good finishing school not only provides its students a significant edge over others while trying for jobs in IT companies, but also provides them with the right abilities to excel on the job and have an accelerated career growth. The school will train them in such a way that companies can cut down on the entry-level training and related expenses.
At Microintellects, we offer comprehensive corporate training programs to align fresh graduates (or campus-hires in your company) with the needs of the industry. Microintellects's FS Initiative is aimed to bridge the industry gap through innovative programs and provide project-ready skilled professionals to IT Industry. Micro Intellectshas designed a program that will help hone the Software Foundation, Life-skills and Technology Skills of candidates through a 400-hour (2-month) rigorous and Intensive Program covering everything what IT Industry expects from a fresher. They transform fresh graduates into industry-ready IT professionals.
Micro Intellectshas trained professionals who are trained up-to-date with industry requirements and who are sound with their skills, whom you can choose from. Micro Intellectsalso offer to train with your specific requirements, after sourcing them from our extensive network of education institutions, giving you project ready professionals who will be performers from the get go.

Besides who else knows what companies expect and need from Freshers better than us?
Talk to us if you are interested in providing customized trainings to your freshers.

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